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An impartial look at the Casino Royale Movie
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Casino Royale Movie - read our thoughts

Daniel Craig in the main role of Casino Royal MovieLet me first get this out of the way, Daniel Craig is a fantastic actor and he did not let the expectant viewers down in the newest rendition of the famous Bond Series written by Ian Fleming.

After all, it is one thing to be ridiculously cool, focused and admittedly sexy, as Daniel has been in his previous movies, it is another thing altogether to roleplay the godlike sex appeal, laser-like grit and unfazed character of the iconic James Bond.

The movie begins at a new perception of the beginning of the Bond Story, Bond violently kills a man and gains entry to the 00 ranks by taking out a traitor amongst the upper echelons of the MI6. As his rewards, he is assigned a bigger assignment, taking down the aforementioned ‘Le Chiffre’, a twisted accountant, whose business affiliations are fiercely populated with terrorist organizations all around this fictional world.

Just like Ian Fleming intended, the insane idea that Bond is to extract every penny off the hands of Le Chiffre through a single, obviously high-staked game of poker, of all games, is what will keep driving the many Bond devotees to the cinema to have a taste of the solidification of their imaginations of this classic showdown.

This Casino Royale was meant to tell a story of how Bond got to be so emotionless, a classic retelling of how betrayal from Vesper Lynd made him close his heart to love, In this Bond Movie, James Bond is not yet the finished article, but he’s going through the trials that will make him the precise and deadly spy we love him as, and this plot point was maximized by the screenwriter of the movie to weigh heavily on the viewers’ emotions.

The role of Vesper Lynd was possessed by the feline Eva Green, maybe sufficiently enough, as large parts of the viewing audience will come to hate her at the end of the movie, not for poor acting, but the depth of her betrayal. After all, Bond is known for jumping from sheet to sheet with grace, yet it seemed like karma overdid it as she was the only one Bond slept with throughout the movie. Perhaps to make up for the dearth of eroticism, these pictures are set to introduce the audience to a rather, interesting hobby, as Le Chiffre – the Bond villain of this movie – captures Bond and spends quality time with him, torturing Bond in the nude, in what is meant to be a sado-masochistic exchange.

Craig and a few okay actors apart, the production of the movie risked a lot by moving a bit from the original script, even though they kept a few branding identities which was just, there. Of course, any proper Bond fan would spot at least 15 changes from the original Bond series, with Poker replacing the more exotic Chemin-de-Fer and Bond not insisting on stirred vodka martinis, which might piss off a few fanatics. The scenes had very little of the unbelievable tech we’ve come to expect in spy-featured movies, but covers this with a huge load of emotional weight that left viewers numb to the aesthetics of the scenes. On that note, it is mission accomplished, as expected of Martin Campbell, who was probably involved due to his part in the making of the British Broadcasting TV series – Edge of Darkness.

All in all, the action sequences, which are, if I’m being sincere, pretty cool for an old movie, and the depth of the plot are the main selling points of this piece. Personally, however, the rendition of James Bond presented to us by Daniel Craig, is what would always define this movie, and he was perfect.

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